Paving the way for a connected, data-driven future.


Data Centres are essential to the functioning of the digital economy, supporting everything from online services to enterprise operations.

As the demand for data storage and processing continues to surge, this sector is at the forefront of technological innovation and sustainable practices.

By developing resilient, efficient, and secure facilities, the data centre sector is paving the way for a connected and data-driven future.

Utility Connections has a wealth of experience within this sector, working with our clients to determine grid connection feasibility, temporary connection solutions alongside telecom infrastructure connectivity reviews on some of the UK’s most complex infrastructure installations.


  • Hyper Scale Data Centres
  • Edge Data Centres
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)


  • Grid connection feasibility and application
  • Fibre connectivity assessment
  • Cable route feasibility assessments
  • Infrastructure design, procurement & management

Unrivalled utility expertise & technical knowledge.


  • Site feasibility studies.
  • As laid record searches.
  • Disconnection and termination of existing services .
  • Decommissioning of private networks.
  • Load assessment calculations.
  • Upstream reinforcement cost challenge.
  • Mains and service diversions.
  • Upgrades of existing supplies to meet with new end user requirement.
  • Procurement of new utility infrastructure proposals.
  • Point of connection identification.
  • Procurement of metering and supply contract.
  • Advice of renewable energy project.
  • Energy Metering.
  • Project management and co-ordination of procured works.