Providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions to utility infrastructure design & procurement.


From initial design concepts to procurement strategies and project execution, we provide comprehensive support covering all aspects of utility design, procurement and installation work, for new utilities, disconnections and diversion of existing assets.

Our services help our clients achieve their project goals, providing clearer visibility of cost, programme and constraints ahead of construction start onsite.

At Utility Connections we understand the critical importance of determining the viability and strategic planning of projects before significant investments are made. Specialising in design and procurement across all utility sectors and development types our team offers expert insights and comprehensive assessments to guide your infrastructure development decisions.

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  • New Supplies: Design & procurement of new utility installation quotations inline with development requirements and industry standards.
  • Disconnection & Diversion: Review of all existing assets against design proposals to determine the required disconnection and diversion works ahead of construction.
  • Offsite Route assessment: determination of cable and pipe installation works covering complex offsite routes and 3rd party crossings to determine viability of connection works.
  • Highways Modifications/s278: Liaison with design teams during highways modification proposal submission to determine offsite diversion and protection requirements ahead of submission.