Determining constraints and viability ahead of procurement.


At Utility Connections we are dedicated to ensuring utility infrastructure projects are set up for success from the start.

Specialising in detailed route installation assessments for electricity, water, gas, and telecoms installations we deliver accurate and in-depth assessments, optimising the routes to identify risk, define scope, cost and programme, early within the project, ensuring our clients have clearer visibility to support decision making.

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  • Route Feasibility Studies: Identify and determine the practicality of proposed installation routes based on geographic, economic, and regulatory factors and constraints.
  • Intrusive surveys: Plan and undertake intrusive surveys to mitigate risk and identify constraints.
  • Special Engineering Difficulties (SED) Assessment: Undertaking of route surveys to identify and understand major engineering constraints such as canal, motorway and rail track crossings.
  • Logistics and Scheduling Optimisation: Optimise installation route and logistics for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments: Evaluate the environmental footprint of the route and recommend sustainable practices.