Identifying existing constraints and locating utilities.


Locating the position of utilities is vital when planning and undertaking both design and construction work. Underground Utilities searches, mapping and intrusive surveys provide a comprehensive understanding of infrastructure above and below ground.

We offer a full suite of utility survey solutions – locating, identifying and mapping all utilities and service routes including electricity  gas, water, telecommunications, and drainage.

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  • PAS128 statutory utility record searches: A fully comprehensive search and assessment of existing utility assets, helping to protect on-site work force and identify constraints, reducing delays on site.
  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR) mapping: Providing a 3D view of existing buried utility assets in real time.
  • Trial hole excavations: Locating and positioning buried networks where exact locations and restrictions are required.
  • GPS surveys: 3D surveys completed using Global Positioning System data to provide position, depth and location of utilities for use during 3D design works
  • CAD drawings and overlays: All aspects of CAD design works undertaken, from existing utility overlays to new utility infrastructure drawings completed in house.